Oh, the beauty of MY day..

He’s a stranger to some, and a vision to none

So, you wanna know what I did today? I got yelled at and threatened by my assistant principal..fun, fun. A couple of friends and I went off campus to eat lunch (yay!) which we do like every day! Anyways, I’m a s’more and only seniors are allowed off campus, so..well, you get the point. Mr. H (assistant principal and a complete d*ck) was doing a complete sweep of people going off campus. We all walked back to his office after he caught us, and there were like thirty people there! Not even kidding! Grr..anyways, he calls all the girls into the office and gives us all Saturday detention..

On his face is a map of the world

I’ve never been in trouble at school. At all. I’m a good kid, my attendance isn’t great by any means and my grades are okay, but I’ve never gotten like a referral or citation at school. I was kind of scared, actually. Yeah, yeah that’s sad, I know. BUT I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT! I mean, he didn’t even call my mom, he just had me sign a detention notice and let me go back to class. Hmm..maybe he’s not as mean as people think, or MAYBE he’s just bipolar, I don’t know.

Not that bipolar is anything to joke about. Just saying.

He doesn’t want to read the message

Now, I’m kind of rambling..I must say I’ve been pretty happy today. I feel like something’s wrong, though. I feel..out of control again. I should have control over some fucking things, ya know? My feelings and thoughts, to start. I don’t think that’s too much to ask..it really isn’t. You can have my body, just don’t take my mind.

From yesterday, the fear


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