Shut Up

Please, please just shut up. You can’t change me, please give up and stop trying. I’m not your perfect little child, and I’m fully aware of that, so why is there any reason to keep repeating yourself?

Answer: there isn’t.

Just please, please leave me alone about it. You tell me I’m wrong, that I’m stupid and dumb. Well, look at all the crap you’ve done.

I’m just not like you, and I never want to be. You act like a child, I act like an adult, where is the line supposed to be drawn? I’m not sure, I’ve never known.

I matured so quickly..I didn’t have time to be a child, and now I’m just stuck. I don’t get the option of acting like a teenager, I get to act like an adult, whether I want to or not. It’s just not fair. The roles should not be switched.

At least the boys haven’t had that problem, that makes it slightly more tolerable, I guess. They don’t have the option of growing up in a home that’s revolved around the maturity of a 15-year-old. I’ll protect them for as long as I can…hopefully. I don’t want to burst their reality and show them the truth, I just cannot do that. I will continue to let them think their mother is all high and mighty and can never do wrong.


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