Hugs and Invisiblity

Just need a hug?

Well, don’t ask me 🙂 Just kidding!

Sorry, I’ve been getting like physically assaulted all day today, so….just how it goes.

Oh, have ya’ll heard of Invisible Children?
If not, go here:


Music List

(This will be continuous)

She’s so High – Tal Bachman

Everything you Want – Vertical Horizon

Absolutely – Nine Days

Kiss Me – Rediscover

I Haven’t Met You Yet – Michael Buble

The Man who Can’t be Moved – The Script


I’m still here


Or at least – I haven’t given up blogging just yet 😉

I’m Perfection

You see that? I’m perfect. I’m perfect because you want me to be that way.

That’s what love is, you know.


I’m too much to handle. Which, is understandable, I guess. You were raised by parents who loved you more than anything. I was raised by a parent who loved me, but had better things to do.  She let us go wild, while you were playing catch with mom and dad. But I, I have real problems. I watch my friends turn to dust. I watch my family tear at the seams. I watch my heart being crushed in your hands. But who said you were supposed to voice when you were upset? No one, of course. It’s too much for you to handle.

So I’m perfectly fine, love.

I overreact. I get mad at the littlest things. You wanna know why? You made me insecure. You made me weak. You took the platform I was standing on and lit it on fire when you came into my life. I’m just waiting to be engulfed. But, of course, when I overreact because I’m holding this all in, when I overreact and cry because I’m dying, it’s all my fault. It’s my fault when I’m mad that you break down. I’m not perfect enough for you.

So I’m happy with everything you do, love.

I’m perfect.

And my heart is all yours.

You deserve my smile, and my laugh.

Even if I’m dying on the inside. Dying all alone.

Well, hell…

Can’t we just go back to simpler times? I’d rather be 7 again…well, maybe not 7. I was still pretty mature at that age, too.

Growing up too fast really freaking sucks, just by the way.

I don’t wish I was baby, either…I mean, who wants to be a baby again?! Yeah, you’re completely taken care of and you don’t have to do anything, but that just seems kinda suck-ish. Just saying.

Well, if you can’t figure out for yourself by my depressive opening, I had a kinda crappy day.

I think I just need sleep..not sleeping in a business week takes it’s toll on a girl, majorly. I’ve got bags on bags on bags underneath my eyes…I look like I’ve been strung out on drugs for the past 10 years, or something.

Needless to say, it’s not good. I need sleep, but short of taking 10 Tyenol PM’s, I’m not going to be able to get sleep! Nothing helps! Maybe I should go see a doctor about that..hmm.

Anyways, no sleep = cranky, which = being mean to people, which = getting grounded for backtalking/acting up…

Great. Just freaking great. My attitude reflects my lack of sleep, so I’m constantly bitching and whining about something

Not that that’s much different than my usual self 🙂    (completely kidding, I’m actually quite nice)

*sigh* Maybe, just maybe, I can get some sleep tonight…I shall try! (I don’t know what exactly “trying” will entail, but still)

What else happened today?

Well, really nothing…I kinda just lounged around waiting for something awesome to happen since this summer pretty much just sucks already! I need to go hang out with somebody.


~Hum Hallelujah~

Hum Hallelujah! Ever heard that song? A bunch of people have songs with that name, but my favorite is…

Fall Out Boy’s

I’m not quite sure why, considering I’m not a big fan of F.O.B. but I really, really, really like that song! 😉

On to other news…

It’s one AM and I haven’t slept in a couple of days, which kinda sucks to begin with..but every time I TRIED to go to sleep, I couldn’t! I hate insomnia. And panic attacks. And nightmares. And mental issues in general! Grrr

I’m okay besides all that, promise! *sigh*

Ily (I love you)

Ahh, that makes me so mad when people put that ^ ^

If you’re gonna say “I love you”, at least say it out. I don’t wanna see ily,ilyvm, ly2, luv u, or lurvvv uuuu. I wanna see “I love you!”

It’s not too much to ask, is it?

Well, at least I don’t think so 😉

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