*sigh* I haven’t posted in almost nine months, that’s a very, very long time even for me.

I’m not doing so hot right now. College is coming up fast, and I need to make a decision at some point. Literally every night for the past two months has been nightmare after nightmare. I don’t know how I’m ever going to adjust to college-life.


:)) Smiles, guys!

So, how is everyone this week? Might I just say…

THIS WEEK IS AWESOME! And it’s only because:
Spring Break is tomorrow. Hells yeah.

So, everything is good until this next week ends…and then it’s back to school. But I won’t think about that until then, cause it’ll just ruin all my fun!

I’m Still Standing

^ Can’t get much more detailed that that…

I miss blogging, though. Kinda need to touch base with all my blogs and make sure people know I didn’t go and die or something.

It’s already MARCH, for crying out loud. This year has gone by soo quickly, it’s kinda scary. My junior year has flown by in a blink of the eye, and I’ll be a SENIOR next year. A SENIOR!! That’s so huge…it’s kinda scary.
I mean, obviously, I knew it would come around eventually, but jeez, high school has just blown by and I feel like I’m dragging behind.

Heh, sorry, this is the worst blog ever, but I don’t have the time to write a complete, angsty, anger-ridden, thing. Actually, I don’t even WANT to write anything like that. I guess I’m doing better, huh?

I’m actually happy.


:O Gosh, I’ve been neglecting this site! AGAIN!

So, it’s a new year (2011, bitches!) and things are looking up, already!
Grades = marvelous.
School = fun
Friends = greatness.
Can’t get much better than that! 🙂


I haven’t *really* posted in a while…as in, an actual post about ME. So, here goes nothing? 🙂

School has recently started up for me again, and it only seems like it’s been in session for like a week, but in reality – it’s been a freaking month!

So, in other words – school might actually be fun again. It seems to be going by really quick, which is ALWAYS a good thing.

So, I’m kinda rambling – sorry about that. It’s just I haven’t actually blogged in a really long time it seems, I’ve been uber busy.

School, clubs and friends seem to be occupying all of my time, which kinda sucks…

Okay, I’m done with this lackluster blogpost, I’ll post something else later, alrightty?

I’m Perfection

You see that? I’m perfect. I’m perfect because you want me to be that way.

That’s what love is, you know.


I’m too much to handle. Which, is understandable, I guess. You were raised by parents who loved you more than anything. I was raised by a parent who loved me, but had better things to do.  She let us go wild, while you were playing catch with mom and dad. But I, I have real problems. I watch my friends turn to dust. I watch my family tear at the seams. I watch my heart being crushed in your hands. But who said you were supposed to voice when you were upset? No one, of course. It’s too much for you to handle.

So I’m perfectly fine, love.

I overreact. I get mad at the littlest things. You wanna know why? You made me insecure. You made me weak. You took the platform I was standing on and lit it on fire when you came into my life. I’m just waiting to be engulfed. But, of course, when I overreact because I’m holding this all in, when I overreact and cry because I’m dying, it’s all my fault. It’s my fault when I’m mad that you break down. I’m not perfect enough for you.

So I’m happy with everything you do, love.

I’m perfect.

And my heart is all yours.

You deserve my smile, and my laugh.

Even if I’m dying on the inside. Dying all alone.


On Friday, July 23rd…it’s my birthday. W00t!

So, I’m happy! 🙂

If I could write you a song to make you fall in love, I would already have you up under my arm


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