Go ahead and burn it down
So, today is Sunday.
I hate Sundays. I mean, come on! It’s like the gods are teasing us with this day before school starts.
It’s not right.

So, besides me being slightly upset about it being Sunday? Nothing’s really going on today. My feelings are all out of whack, of course. But that’s kind of normal by now, huh?

The REAL reason I wrote this blog is because..well, I wanted to write about my nightmares. To get some ideas about what’s uh, wrong with them? Well, I KNOW there’s something wrong with them, but more what they might mean…if that makes any sense.

So, I have this one nightmare, and I’m going to just give the main parts of it:
My mom abandons my brothers in a very dense forest by a river (Greg and Bailey)
They’re out there for weeks
Greg goes crazy
Beats Bailey to death (seeing your brother being beaten? ESPECIALLY when you have a very vivid imagination?
It fucking sucks, excuse my language)
Comes to his senses
End of nightmare

Yes, I know. It’s not pleasant to think about. Or imagine. But, basically all I’ve gotten from my mom about this is and I quote, “that’s weird”. Oh yeah, Mom thanks for the great help! I so appreciate it! Sometimes, I think she really could care less. But that’s a topic for another blog.

I’m drunk, and so is everyone else in this devil town