:)) Smiles, guys!

So, how is everyone this week? Might I just say…

THIS WEEK IS AWESOME! And it’s only because:
Spring Break is tomorrow. Hells yeah.

So, everything is good until this next week ends…and then it’s back to school. But I won’t think about that until then, cause it’ll just ruin all my fun!


Hugs and Invisiblity

Just need a hug?

Well, don’t ask me 🙂 Just kidding!

Sorry, I’ve been getting like physically assaulted all day today, so….just how it goes.

Oh, have ya’ll heard of Invisible Children?
If not, go here:

I’m Still Standing

^ Can’t get much more detailed that that…

I miss blogging, though. Kinda need to touch base with all my blogs and make sure people know I didn’t go and die or something.

It’s already MARCH, for crying out loud. This year has gone by soo quickly, it’s kinda scary. My junior year has flown by in a blink of the eye, and I’ll be a SENIOR next year. A SENIOR!! That’s so huge…it’s kinda scary.
I mean, obviously, I knew it would come around eventually, but jeez, high school has just blown by and I feel like I’m dragging behind.

Heh, sorry, this is the worst blog ever, but I don’t have the time to write a complete, angsty, anger-ridden, thing. Actually, I don’t even WANT to write anything like that. I guess I’m doing better, huh?

I’m actually happy.

Just Sad

Can anyone JUST be sad? Does there have to be a reason for everything? I think that some people are naturally…sad/crabby/fussy whatever word you want to use. I don’t think something has to happen for them to be sad, some people just have “sad days”.

There shouldn’t always have to be a reason for someone to feel a certain way. But, that’s how our society is nowadays, there MUST be a reason, and if you can’t provide one then you can’t do it.

So, what have I been up to lately? Absolutely nothing 😉 Well, I’ve been writing some more poetry and drawing a lot more lately…even if it doesn’t come out good, I can still attempt, ya know? I might post the “The Walking Dream” later, depending on how it comes out. Surprisingly enough, my happiness-meter (lol!) is pretty high right now, I’m trying to focus on happier thoughts and not letting everything get to me.

However, the problem with suppressing bad ideas/feelings is that they come out in a explosion later…which isn’t such a good thing. I’ve been testing peoples patience’s lately, that’s for sure. Some of them deserve it, some don’t, but either way it’s not cool.

“Now, I’m heels over head, I’m hanging upside down, thinking how you left me for dead – California bound! And when you hit the coast, I hope you think of me and how I’m stuck here with the ghost of what we used to be.” -Boys Like Girls
For being such a peppy, happy-sounding song, it’s actually kind of depressing (the lyrics). The poor guy was ditched by his girlfriend! Boys Like Girls always puts me in a good mood, though – their songs are always peppy or at least truthful – music in general puts me in a good mood, though