Anything Double Just Sucks

I’ve always been the girl who listens to EVERYONE else’s problems…the friend everyone can depend on for anything they could need. I’m a great listener and an excellent advice giver, I’m the one people go to when they have issues. I seem to attract people with “situations”, and I don’t mean that in a bad way, I love my friends, but I’m just saying that I seem to be a problem-magnet. It’s usually something easily solved…like how to break up with a boyfriend/girlfriend or something to that effect, but when you get ACTUAL issues it totally throws you for a loop (I could SO be a therapist at the rate I’m going).
Right now, I have a lot of my own issues to deal with…and my friends could care less. They are so used to me putting their problems before my own, that they have come to take it for granted. If I have a problem, I have to figure it out…there’s no talking about it. For so long I let everyone else’s issues become MY problem, I would forget that I had something going on and just help! It’s was never really an issue until now…when I actually need someone to talk to! Talk about double standards, huh? I take that back, actually…some of my friends might CARE, they just can’t really figure out how to help.