So, I guess I should probably make a blog just about myself…like my interests and that kind of thing. I don’t really see the point in it, though. Really, all anybody needs to know about me is that I’m not original. I am the creation of everyone who has ever been in contact with me. People touch and leave their marks…which might seem creepy to you, but it’s true. EVERYONE (at least once) has been emotionally/physically/mentally “touched” by someone else. And no, I don’t mean that in some uber-creeper way…people aren’t ACTUALLY touching you, I’m just simply stating that no one is their own creation. Whoa, I’m repeating myself. It makes sense to ME, and that’s all that really matters.

Something else to know about me: I adore music. Everyone says, “Music is my life!” but that’s not they live and breathe music? No..and if they do, I wanna see it, because that sounds pretty awesome 😉 Music is something that can make you FEEL a certain way and YOU get to choose that feeling. If you’re sad about your boyfriend, what do you want to listen to? A song about someone breaking up with somebody else, or maybe a really peppy song  just to make you feel better, to know your not alone. I personally appreciate all kinds of music (even country!) and will listen to everything at least once…I might not like it a whole lot, but someone, somewhere has taken the time to burst out into song and the least we could do is listen.