So, my first “official” blog 🙂

So, over this past summer my family and I stayed in a hotel for financial and practical reasons. Towards the end of June/ beginning of July we (my younger brothers and I) met a guy named Jesse. At first, he was this guy that we should have definitely stayed away from…I mean seriously? “Don’t talk to strangers” is the first rule you learn when you’re a child. However, that’s not exactly how it went…he befriended us and eventually my mother. But before that, it was absolute chaos, my mom didn’t like the fact that her kids were hanging out with a guy she didn’t know, who may or may not have been some kind of weirdo. Obviously, that was a valid concern, people don’t just let their kids hang out with 37-year olds who they haven’t met.
The funny thing is, he stuck around. In fact, he became a very good friend to my family and is still around almost a year later…we see him everyday and he even picks up my younger two brothers from school. The whole situation might seem really weird, but for some inconceivable reason, IT WORKS and it makes sense to us.
We would see him all the time at the hotel (he was staying there over the summer) and outside of it, too. It went WAY beyond coincidence, after a while. It became destiny or fate (whatever you want to call it) that he was still around, that he hadn’t left for whatever reason. So really, what I’m getting at is that people…sometimes they might not be welcome, but if they are meant to be in your life, they will be.
Fate can drive us together, and rip us apart. If it’s meant to happen…then don’t bother fighting it. I fought Jesse for a very long time, I wouldn’t let him around my brothers or me, but he fought back. He wanted to be our friend and eventually become a sort-of father figure for my brothers. And look what happened, over 6 months later he’s still around and got what he wanted. It’s not worth anyone’s time to fight the inevitable.