Some people…can’t see how they damage others, how they emotionally effect people. It’s never THEIR fault, it’s the other’s for being “overly emotional”. That pisses me off. A lot. People need to learn to take responsibility for their words as well as their actions. Haven’t you ever heard “think before you speak?” or “Don’t do onto others what you wouldn’t want done onto yourself”? It’s a simple theory..don’t say something that you KNOW will hurt someone’s feelings, no matter if you didn’t mean it that way. What matters is how they took it, not what you possibly meant. Some people are just blind to other’s feelings, and that just makes me so mad! Ah, it’s like why would you even say that? All you managed to do was make someone feel like crap. Sometimes people just make me so mad >_<

Anyways..besides being blind to others feelings, I don't have much to rant about today. In fact, I've been having a pretty damn good week, so I haven't really even been on WordPress, but whatever. I'll try to keep updating my blog but sometimes I really don't have the time or any thoughts.